This $1,500 scholarship wants you to get as creative as you can

Scholarships of all kinds abound online

Missing the necessary funds to go to college? Then why don’t you start searching for scholarships based on your skills as soon as possible?

As wonderful as college years might be, having to worry each and every day about money certainly puts a damper on the while experience.

College entails paying huge amounts of money for school tuition. So the majority of students end up taking out loans, which seem a good idea at first, but a few years after have the bad habit of overshadowing your debut on the job market.

Some students keep paying their college debt for long years after graduation. But what if we told you, there’s a way to pay for your on-campus or distance learning degree without having to borrow money. The majority of offline or online universities offer scholarships for students who have worked hard and maintained their GPA high.

Some also target those in acute financial need, but what about the large body of students which doesn’t fit in neither of the two categories. Does it mean they are not eligible for scholarships?

Not at all. There are plenty of options for those who don’t have an excellent academic record, nor do they come from really low-income families.

You see, many students tend to overlook an important aspect – that they can use their unique skills and interests in order apply for money for college. That’s right. Is there something that you are particularly good at? For example, you have a talent for painting or you are really good at crossword puzzles? Then you have a change at finding a funding program especially targeting student from your category.

Make you talent work for you by making it stand out in your application. Remember this – your creativity is all about standing out and making an impact, so remember do that in your application.

Certainly in some cases, you may leave your work to do the talking for you. It’s the case of this scholarship opportunity.

It’s called Fix the Photo Academic Scholarship and is open to full-time students who can demonstrate their status via an acceptance letter from their College or University.

Other than that you need to come up with a pretty extensive essay ranging from 1,500 to 2,000 words in which you share your points of view on the following matter: “How photography could help other industries”.

This is a really controversial topic, given that taking photos have become a real mainstream in contemporary society. And even if your future degree is not directly connected with photography, it probably still has some common points here and there. Photography is interwoven with most industries today, so you really have a lot of possibilities to explore and focus on in your essay.

From all entries, the scholarship committee will select three winners which will receive $1,500 each in funding. The application deadline is May 31, 2018 and the winners will be announced on June 10, 2018.

While the deadline for this funding program is still far away, we advise you to start thinking about the ideas you want to put in your essay as soon as possible. The topic is complex and you might find it’s not easy to put a well-brushed essay together.