Love Finland? Get a $5,000 scholarship to study everything about its history, heritage and culture

Students with unique interests can get scholarships to support their passion

Are you unusually enthusiastic about Finland? The Finlandia Foundation offers a $5,000 scholarship to fund projects related to Finnish culture

Finland is a tiny country in the northernmost corner Europe, but it has a fascinating history and culture. With a very small population, the country is eager to attract more tourists, as well as temporary or permanent residents.

If you are in college and have developed a love for Finland, the North and their unique language, you might want to consider taking a deeper interest in these topics, because it all could be really worth it for you in the long run.

A lot of Americans skip learning a new language. Given that they are native speakers of an international language; they don’t see a need to learn another. But learning a new language helps you develop a lot of skills, not to mention train your brain.

You might be surprised to learn this, but some Finland-affiliated institutions in the US are looking to sponsor students who wish to research topics related to Finnish culture.

We all know college is so very expensive these days, so without outside help it would be impossible for you to follow your dream of delving deeper in the Northern culture of Finland.

But if you really have a huge crush on the topic, it would be truly worth it to you as an individual to start looking for student grants designed to help you focus on this particular topic.

In order to find any possible opportunities, you’ll have to rely on your Internet research skills. Just use the browser you’re most comfortable with in order to look for ways to fund your Finnish passion.

Some of the scholarships you’ll find are really specific, so only a select student category will be able to apply. Let us give you an example, so you can see exactly what we mean.

The Finlandia Foundation aims to provide support for undergraduate or graduate students enrolled with on-campus or a distance learning program who are planning research on Finnish history, heritage, art and culture in the US. Candidates from both Finland and the US are eligible for the grant.

In order to apply you have to submit your project proposal which needs to have a few characteristics in order to be a viable candidate. For example, the jury will be looking for a project that’s well planned and implemented by the individual/group, has a detailed budget and adds to the body of research about Finnish and Finnish-American culture.

Bear in mind that the application must not exceed 10 pages or it will be disqualified. The deadline for this funding program is January 17, 2018. Financial need, course of study and citizenship status will be taken into consideration when deciding the winner.

The Finlandia Foundation is also home to a second scholarship program – the P.J.C Lindfors Legal Studies Fund which is open to Finnish or American students enrolled with an offline or distance learning program in law.

In order to compete for the student grants awarded by the foundation, candidates will have to have successfully completed the first year in an US law school or Finnish law faculty. The awards range from $1,000 to $3,000.