€ 10,000 Undergraduate Scholarships to Study at The Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands, 2021


Nyenrode Business University Offers Undergraduate Scholarship in Various Areas for successful international students. The academic year 2021-2022.

Founded in 1946, Nyenrode Business University is a Dutch business university and one of five private universities in the Netherlands. It offers full-time and part-time MBA programs that include a two-week module. They want to create sustainable added value for themselves, their company, and society as a whole, through their unique combination of academic theory, practical relevance, and personal development.

Grant Worth:

  • The scholarship offers between € 5,000 and € 10,000 per year.
  • The scholarship does not cover travel expenses, living expenses, medical insurance, or study materials.

Scholarship Level: Undergraduate
Place of Scholarship: Nyenrode Business University
Language(s): English
Modality: Face
Eligible Course (s): Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


  • Applicants must enroll in a bachelor’s program at the university.
  • To enroll in the scholarship program, students must enter the bachelor’s program at the university.
  • Applicants should send a financial plan, motivation letter, resume to email: nf@nyenrode.nl 
  • To be admitted, applicants must have
  • General Certificate of Secondary Education ((I) GCSE) in 6 different subjects with grades: AC, including a minimum grade of B in Mathematics; A-level General Certificate of Education (GCE) in 3 academic subjects, including mathematics, with grades: AAB AND A minimum grade of B in GCE Mathematics
  • Applicants must be proficient in both written and spoken English.

Deadline: April 2021