Government of Mauritius Africa Scholarships Scheme for Study in Mauritius, 2024

Published Date: December 17, 2023
Government of Mauritius Africa Scholarships Scheme for Study in Mauritius, 2024

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Government of Mauritius Africa Scholarships Scheme for Study in Mauritius, 2024


Education is the foundation upon which societies thrive and individuals realize their true potential. Recognizing the significance of providing quality education to students from across Africa, the Government of Mauritius has launched the Africa Scholarships Scheme for Study in Mauritius. This prestigious scholarship program aims to empower talented individuals by granting them access to world-class education in a diverse and vibrant academic environment. In this article, we will delve into the details of this esteemed scholarship scheme for the year 2024.

I. Background:

Mauritius, commonly referred to as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean,” is a tropical paradise known for its stunning landscapes, cultural diversity, and economic stability. Over the past decades, Mauritius has made significant strides in developing its tertiary education sector, establishing itself as a regional hub for higher education excellence.

Recognizing the importance of creating a knowledge-based economy and fostering regional integration, Mauritius has opened its doors to students from across Africa through various scholarship programs. The Government of Mauritius Africa Scholarships Scheme stands out as one such initiative that seeks to nurture talent and promote educational collaboration between Mauritius and African nations.

II. Objectives:

The primary objective of the Government of Mauritius Africa Scholarships Scheme is to provide outstanding students from Africa with opportunities for advanced learning in Mauritian institutions. By offering scholarships across various disciplines, including arts and humanities, engineering, sciences, social sciences, and business studies, this scheme aims to develop future leaders who can contribute meaningfully towards their home countries’ socioeconomic growth.

III. Eligibility Criteria:

The scholarship program targets non-Mauritian citizens residing in African countries who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance and leadership potential. While specific eligibility criteria may vary depending on individual scholarships under this scheme, applicants should typically meet certain requirements such as:

1. Possessing a valid high school diploma or equivalent qualification.

2. Holding an offer letter from a recognized Mauritian institution for a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate program.

3. Demonstrating proficiency in either English or French, the medium of instruction in Mauritian institutions.


IV. Scholarship Benefits:

The Government of Mauritius Africa Scholarships Scheme covers various expenses to ensure that students can focus on their studies and make the most out of their academic experience in Mauritius. The benefits typically include:

1. Full tuition fee waiver: Recipients of the scholarship do not have to bear the burden of paying tuition fees, which can significantly reduce the financial strain on students and their families.

2. Monthly stipend: Scholars receive a monthly allowance, enabling them to cover living costs such as accommodation, meals, transportation, and other incidental expenses during their stay in Mauritius.

3. Travel grant: The scholarship provides travel reimbursement to help students cover the cost of airfare from their home country to Mauritius at the beginning of their studies and back after completion.

4. Medical insurance: Beneficiaries are provided with comprehensive health insurance coverage throughout their study duration in Mauritius.

V. Application Process:

Applying for the Government of Mauritius Africa Scholarships Scheme is a straightforward process that involves submitting an online application form through the official scholarship portal. Applicants are required to provide essential documents such as educational certificates, transcripts, identification proof, recommendation letters, and a statement of purpose highlighting their academic goals and aspirations.

The selection process is rigorous and entails evaluation by an expert panel based on academic merit, leadership potential, and suitability for the chosen course of study. Shortlisted candidates may be invited for an interview or additional assessments before final decisions are made.

VI. Conclusion:

The Government of Mauritius Africa Scholarships Scheme for Study in Mauritius is an invaluable opportunity for African students seeking quality education abroad. By investing in bright minds and fostering cross-cultural learning experiences, this scholarship scheme contributes directly to the development of human capital and strengthens regional ties.

Through this initiative, Mauritius demonstrates its commitment to education as a means to drive sustainable growth in Africa. As the 2024 scholarship cycle approaches, aspiring scholars from across the continent are encouraged to seize this chance to embark on a transformative educational journey in the remarkable island nation of Mauritius.

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