Pay for your Journalism degree with this $1,000 grant

Want to study Journalism? Pay for your degree with this grant

Use the power of scholarships for a smooth and affordable college experience, no matter which field you’re pursuing

Journalism – it was always a passion of yours. But is it really meant to be? Why not? Even as you already graduated with a degree, you could still be able to pursue your dream and become a journalist.

Today, students have many more choices when it comes to choosing a career than they did a few decades ago. Let’s say you’ve graduated with a degree in science. Does that mean you will never get to put your passion for writing to good use? It doesn’t have to.

You can enroll with a masters degree online in journalism (to save time) and become a medical writer or a science journalist. This is just an example of how the modern educational landscape lets you blend your particular set of interests in order to pursue a more niche career.

Today students who have more than one interest – like science and writing – can combine them into one. This is something which wasn’t available for our parents or grandparents, but fortunately it offered to millennials in the present.

But do you really want to invest another two years in pursuing a masters degree online or a full four-year program in the field? You might.

Journalism will never die as long as the world has things happening in it. Yes, the digital age might be hurting old-school journalism, but on the bright side, it is offering more opportunities to write than ever. And given the technologisation of everything, being a journalist will allow you to work remotely. You won’t have to spend your days in office, but depending on your mood, you’ll have the freedom of writing from home, coffee shops and even the beach.

What’s more, paying for a degree in journalism is made easier these days by the advent of private scholarship funds. These sponsorships specifically target students interested in pursuing a career in journalism and should be first on your list of scholarship applications.

Obviously, you should also send applications for general scholarships, provided you don’t ignore financial aid aimed at future journalists.

Let us give you an example of such a scholarship. The Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference aims to offer a $1,000 scholarship to students looking to enroll in an offline or online college course program in journalism.

Candidates must be a high school junior who will graduate in the class of 2019 at the time of the application and must be committed to his/her dream of becoming a journalist. Applicants need to also be able to demonstrate a free spirit. Last but not least, future offline or online college course program students need to be available to attend the conference in Washington D.C. between June 16 and 21 in Washington.

What does it take to apply? Well you’ll need to submit a complete, online application, alongside an academic transcript and two letters of recommendations (from a journalism/media advisor, principal, teacher or other mentors).

Don’t forget to include three of your journalistic work samples. These pieces need to allow your creativity and critical thinking abilities shine through in this pieces, so be very careful which ones you pick.

Last but not least, you will have to include two essays (maximum of 500 words each) in your application on the following topics:

  • Tell the jury why you want to pursue a career in journalism
  • Detail your specific qualities as a free spirit

All applications need to be submitted by Feb 1, 2018.