Raise awareness about Alzheimer’s and win a $5,000 scholarship for college

Your commitment to a cause might win you money for college

Committed to raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease? Then you might want to apply for this $5,000 scholarship

As young people looking to enroll with an offline or online college degree, you have your life ahead of you. So for most young adults, Alzheimer’s disease appears quite irrelevant. It’s for old people and it’s a danger we won’t have to consider for about at least 30 years from now.

The reality of things is that we don’t give a second though to Alzheimer’s diseases until a loved one is affected by it. Whether it has taken a grandparent or an aunt/uncle, more and more young people are facing the realities of having to live or interact with a patient affected with dementia.

But going through an Alzheimer-related crisis in your life can also have it’s positive effects.

An interest in Alzheimer’s disease fueled by difficulties that arose in a family environment might be the reason a student chooses to pursue a medical degree or enroll in a few online college courses in biology, in order to understand more about the condition.

Med school or related programs are some of the most challenging degrees you could enroll into, but are also among the most rewarding. Most of those who graduated with an offline or online college degree in the field say there is no greater joy than the one you feel when you manage to help a sick patient. It’s well know that helping others makes you feel good and in turn prologues your life span, so obtaining a medical degree will have more than career-related benefits.

On top of that, there is great uniformity of medical science knowledge and practice, which means that even if you went to college in Europe, you can go on and find a job on another continent.

Going back to Alzheimer’s disease in particular, young people looking to go college who have an interest in this condition might also be able to secure a scholarship. Here’s an example how. This scholarship is offered by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America in order to raise awareness about the disease and its devastating effects on the patient and family members.

The foundation is looking to offer a total of 13 scholarships for college, each worth $5,000 to eligible students who have to be enrolled with an accredited four-year/college university within 12 months of the scholarship deadline. Students of programs offering online college courses are also welcome to apply.

How can you apply for the bursary? Well, the foundation wants to hear about your personal experience with Alzheimer. So you will need to write a personal essay in which you describe how your life has changed after someone you love was diagnosed with the disease. Students who have volunteered of worked as a caretaker or are passionate about the cause are also invited to tell their story.

To take part in the contest, you will need to submit all the needed documents until March 26, 2018. Don’t be afraid to get personal in your essay. Being candid and open about the topic is something that will make your essay stand out from the crowd and impress the judges.

Don’t forget, there are 13 awards waiting, so you have a better chance to secure one than with most scholarship programs.