Create a crossword puzzle to win a $1,000 scholarship for college

Want to win money for college? Come up with crossword puzzle

Love crossword puzzles? Create your own and win a scholarship worth $1,000

Due to financial problems and ever increasing tuition costs when it comes to higher education, many students think twice before applying to on-campus or distance learning degrees. In some cases, this means putting their dreams of getting a college degree on hold, until a better time comes along.

That’s because a lot of students don’t think they are eligible to receive grants for school. The traditional view is that only those with spotless academic records or demonstrated financial need have a chance of receiving fudging. But that’s not actually the case, not when the private scholarship industry is thriving.

You see many of us still think you need straight As to be considered for grants for schools. But this approach to awarding sponsorships is ancient. The modern one is way less restrictive and allows all types of students to get the needed money to fund their on-campus or distance learning degrees.

Plenty of scholarships require essays or letters of recommendations, but an increasing number of scholarship competitions are allowing students to showcase their talents and creativity in more practical ways.

You see, you need to use what makes your truly unique in your scholarship search. This can be a passion for dolphins or a skill to play the violin. It depends on the individual.

Obviously, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to only these more-unique scholarships, but you should take a chance and apply to more general scholarships as well. When money is truly an issue, you have to be willing to put some serious work in order to get the payoff you need.

And that means spending a lot of time doing research and applying to all kinds of scholarships. As you probably suspect yourself, getting scholarships is pretty much playing the number game. The more scholarships you seek, the better your odds of landing at least one. Just make sure you don’t ignore those opportunities targeted as exactly the kind of individual you are.

Don’t know where exactly to start? Well, let us give you a gentle push into the right direction then with an example.

Enter the Crossword Hobbyst scholarships which is open to any college student (current or incoming) who will be enrolled in the fall 2018 semester who love crossword puzzles.

Unlike the majority of scholarships out there, Crossword Hobbyst won’t ask you to send essays, letters of recommendations or your resume. There’s no minimum GPA requirement either.

All you need to do is create one 15 x 15 newspaper-style crossword puzzle on Crossword Hobbyst. The theme should focus on something you are passionate about. It can be anything from biology to art or music. Which makes this challenge even more fun.

Most scholarship applications are quite boring, but not this one. If you love crossword puzzles you will have the time of your life creating your own. The best one stands a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship for college.

The deadline to apply is April 30, 2018.