Tweak a menu to win a $2,500 scholarship

Cottage Inn awards three scholarships for college

Get creative and modify a pizza menu for a chance to win a $2,500 scholarship for college

Education is one of the most important things in life. It’s what helps us human beings succeed in life and make a difference. But not everyone has free access to education. For example, children growing up in Africa barely know how to spell out their own name or how to read.

The benefits of being educated are obvious and not so obvious. So even as you’ll be able to access a larger income through your job, you’ll also be happier and in better health. The more educated a nation is as a whole the stronger and more stable its economy, while its social and cultural life is a lot richer.

Not surprising, that many nations try to maximize education opportunities by making at least basic school compulsory. Getting a college degree is the next level, which is realm of specialization and experts.

And unlike our grandparents, we have more options to get educated. Enrolling with a university online degree wasn’t possible a few decades ago, but now more and more students are jumping on board with online classes.

Whether is to see if a certain topic truly appeals to them, or they don’t have enough time to commit to an on-campus program, online classes are becoming pretty common in the life of students today.

What’s more, university online degree students also have the opportunity to apply for scholarships to pay for their education. That’s the thing about the new millennium, you have access to tons of scholarship opportunities.

College is super expensive yes, but the good news is that scholarships abound, and if you set your mind to it, you’ll be able to find one (or more) suited for you. The majority of scholarships welcome all types of students, but there are some who are directly targeting a certain type of students. So if you possess special talents or skills you might want to search for specific scholarships as these ones, in order to maximize your chances of succeeding.

Case in point, you can check out the scholarship offered by Cottage Inn – an online restaurant business which offers delicious gourmet pizza.

In order to apply for this grant, you will have to have been accepted by an accredited college or university in the US and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

With these requirements out of the way, you will need to answer the following question through a fun and creative essay:

“What suggestions would you make to change or update Cottage Inn’s menu?”

In 2018, Cottage Inn will be awarding three scholarships. The first prize is worth $2,500, while the second and third amount to $1,000 and $500 respectively.

You have until May 31, 2018 to complete and submit the application and essay. Students and researchers in the food industry might have an advantage over those studying in other fields, but Cottage Inn welcomes applications from all students. Regardless of whether they are studying with an online degree or traditional one.