Commonwealth Scholarship

Recognised as one of the most renowned and all-inclusive scholarships in the world, the Commonwealth scholarship (CS) is revered by many since its inception. It involves governments of Commonwealth countries offering scholarships and fellowships to their aspiring citizens who can display exceptional talent and potential to succeed and dominate in their chosen walks of life. Currently, there are 53 countries spanning across Africa, Asia, Europe, America and the Pacific who are members of the Commonwealth. Applicants from these member countries are eligible to apply for this commonwealth scholarships in pursuance of their graduate degrees (Masters and PhD). One of the commonest location Commonwealth scholars choose for their graduate studies is the United Kingdom (U.K). Hence, it is important to delve into the Commonwealth U.K scheme.

Commonwealth U.K

This scholarship is for candidates from low and middle-income common wealth countries who intend pursuing their Masters or Doctoral studies in the U.K. The scholarship is offered under the following six (6) themes;

  • Access, Inclusion and Opportunity.
  • Strengthening global peace, security and governance
  • Promoting global prosperity
  • Strengthening health systems and capacity
  • Science and Technology for Development
  • Strengthening resilience and response to crises

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a citizen of a commonwealth member country
  • The applicant should not have enrolled for a graduate degree  (Masters’ / PhD) course at a U.K university or anywhere
  • The applicant should not exceed 40 years in age
  • The applicant must possess a minimum qualification of Bachelor’s degree
  • For a PhD applicant, they must possess or expect to complete their Masters’ degree
  • The applicant must possess outstanding academic history; an equivalent of 60% in social sciences and 65% in science subjects.
  • Applicants must have applied and be offered admission into a U.K accredited Commonwealth school.

Application Procedure

At this junction, it is important to note that the scholarship award for Masters’ program is for 1 year, while that for PhD is for 3-4 years. Here are the application steps;

  • Out of the over 90 schools currently in funding agreement with Commonwealth; research about the ones offering your preferred course in Masters’ or PhD level.
  • Since Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) do not accept direct applications, applicant have to apply through one of the responsible for applicants’ nomination. This information can be found on the scholarship website and it varies depending on the applicants’ home country.
  • Applicants need to visit the ECAS portal (, create a new profile and provide all required details and document uploads to complete the application. Normally, deadline for application is usually December every year.

Scholarship Value / Benefits

  • Approved airfare to and fro U.K at the inception and at the end of the award
  • Tuition fee
  • Living allowance (1,084 pounds monthly, 1,330 pounds monthly for those in universities located in London Metropolis)
  • Travel grants
  • Warm clothing allowance
  • Thesis grant awards
  • Widowed / Divorced / Single parent allowance
  • Fieldwork grants etc.