Want a college experience on the cheap? You can apply for this $2,500 scholarship

Community college students can fund their transition to four-year university

Transferring from community college to a four-year program? Then this scholarship is right up your alley

Many students use community college as a stepping-stone to a four-year college and a full bachelor degree.

Where to go to college is always a huge decision. For many students, it means to go straight into a four-year program, but a vast majority choose to go through community college first and then to embark in a fully-fledged four-year degree.

This might happen for many reasons. Some students might not be so sure of whether they want to pursue a degree in a certain field, so they will first give it a go for a year or two and see how it sticks.

Others are mostly worried about costs. Associate degrees are more affordable than bachelor’s because they take only two short years to complete. So they represent the cheaper way to go to college. But some jobs entail you have a bachelor degree, which is why associate degree students sometimes rethink their decision and decide to pursue the full version of the program.

With the advent of online education, associate degree students can take online courses and even enroll in accelerated programs, which means they can graduate within a year of starting their program. Still, students can use the credits accumulated through their online education to their four-year degree. Sign in for a transfer program at your community college, to make ensure this happens.

What happens when you transfer? Well your four-year college will look at the offline or online courses you took, as well as your grades and decide how much credit to give you. Each course is worth a certain number of credits and if enough of your courses transfer, you’ be able to start your four-year program as a junior.

What about funds? You were barely able to pay for your associate degree, will you manage to afford a second college degree? Not to worry. In the sea of scholarships out there, you can find some which cater to the needs of transferring students such as yourself.

Here’s an example to get you started on the right path. The Crumley Roberts Next Step Scholarship is offered by the Crumley Roberts Attorneys at Law and is worth $2,500.

The scholarship is offered each year and targets North Carolina community college students planning to transfer to accredited four-year colleges or universities.

Unfortunately, the scholarship is exclusively available for offline or online education students residing in North Carolina.

Anywho, candidates are expected to apply by sending in the completed application form, as well as a few more other documents including an essay, college transcripts and two letters of recommendations.

The original essay should take into consideration Crumley Roberts’ promise to always stand up for clients and each other by caring like family and doing what’s write. With this in mind, students are asked to share a time in their life, work, or studies when they applied the same promise to others and it has impacted them in the future. The essay should not exceed 500 words.

Last but not least, candidates are asked to share with the judging committee information about their achievements, as well as honor and awards they might have received.

You have until January 2018 to apply for this scholarship