Apex $2,000 Minecraft Scholarship

When financial problems appear during your studies, you always consider searching for an alternative on how to finish your studies and start your future career. The scholarship is an open door for students who struggle on their education by providing financial aid to those who needed the most. These days students who are among the high achievers that most needed a financial help would rather choose to access a wide variety of financial scholarship and or merit-based awards.  
The cost of education rises each year and for the most students with economic disadvantages financial assistance will lead them to overcome with the help of scholarships and grants. This year 2021, Apex offers the $2,000 Scholarship that the students may be able to use it towards their tuition fees. Apex strongly believe that education is a good fundamental part of having a successful and turning your dreams into a reality.  
For the past years, Apex was in partnership with different institution and giving help for the libraries as a part of their commitment in the power of their Minecraft server hosting services. Apex will usually do some get together, different types of class projects with similar programs in every student. Throughout the years Apex Hosting LCC are giving gratitude and proud to offer the scholarship that may be able to help the students in their financial struggles and the students can only focus only their studies and building their career goals.  
To apply for this scholarship, you must be a Citizen of the United States and must meet all the following criteria. Interested students must be enrolled in high school or in any level in college carrying a 3.0 or higher GPA. Students must also submit an essay as one of the requirements, a short essay that explain or give opinion on how the Minecraft can serve as a positive influence in terms of their education and towards their career development.  
Students must be aware that Minecraft has been utilized in different facet in terms of education and Apex wants to know how the students believe that the Minecraft game can be in a further use to develop and enhance their learnings. Apex are interested to know and hear different thoughts and aspects as the young generation experience more about the game, how Minecraft can turn into not just a game but a game changer for young and talented generations.  
On the application form, you must also include your in-game name. The selected students will be notified through their email.  
Keep in mind that the deadline for application is until July 31, 2021. Application will be reviewed by the scholarship committee.