$12,000 Masters Scholarships in Canada for Uruguayans, ANII-IDRC, 2021

General information about the scholarship program

The Master’s Degree Scholarships in Canada for Uruguayans, ANII-IDRC, 2021 aim to strengthen the capacities in human resources that the country has through the financing of scholarships for the completion of master’s degrees in Canada. Scholarships will be financed to carry out master’s degrees with a maximum completion date in July 2022.

For this scholarship, proposals may be submitted that contribute to the development, improvement, resolution and / or use in the country of issues related to the following areas:
a. Renewable energies
b. Efficiency in the use of energy
c. Forestry sector
d. Water
e. Biotechnology
f. Genomics
g. Microbiology
h. Climate change
i. Environmental management
j. Animal health
k. Land use planning
l. Management of extractive industries
This scholarship operates under the permanent application modality and its closure is subject to the availability of funds.

The National Research and Innovation Agency (ANII) is a government entity that promotes research and the application of new knowledge to the productive and social reality of the country. ANII makes funds available to the public for research projects, national and international postgraduate scholarships and incentive programs for innovative culture and entrepreneurship, both in the private and public sectors.
ANII developed the National System of Researchers, a program of economic incentives for national researchers categorized based on a strict evaluation system.
In addition, it created the Timbó Portal, which allows free access to all kinds of scientific publications from around the world for all Uruguayans.
The ANII functions as an articulation and coordination mechanism between the actors involved in the development of knowledge, research and innovation.

Study areas

Agronomy and veterinary
Natural, exact and computer science
Engineering, manufacturing and construction

Levels of study

Master Degree

Who awards the scholarship?

The National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII).

What does the scholarship cover?

a. A round trip ticket to the place where the postgraduate degree will be held, in economy class (exceptionally, and in cases duly justified by the academic proposal, additional tickets may be financed)
b. Tuition costs, if any.
c. Costs of staying in Canada. In the event that there are activities carried out in Uruguay, it will be financed according to the amount of the national postgraduate scholarships.
d. Medical insurance abroad.

1. In the first disbursement, which is made once the contract is signed, the amount of the one-way ticket and per diem and other items corresponding to the first semester will be paid.
2. In subsequent disbursements, the money that may correspond to the beneficiary will be delivered according to the respective contract and the agreed disbursement schedule.
3. The release of funds will be subject to the delivery of the corresponding semi-annual progress reports and their approval. The last payment will be withheld against delivery of a final report and supporting documentation of the completion of the postgraduate course.

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