$ 2,700 Ceiba Foundation 2021 Master’s Scholarships

General information about the Ceiba Foundation scholarship program

The Master’s Scholarships for Cundinamarca – Fundación Ceiba, 2021 for the high-level human talent training program in master’s degrees in the Department of Cundinamarca, Colombia, is aimed at Colombian professionals who have been born or have completed their baccalaureate studies in the Department of Cundinamarca (does not include Bogotá) and who are in one of the following states:
– Are studying in a master’s program at an accredited university or a high-quality accredited program by the Ministry of National Education (Studying).
– Have admission to a master’s program at an accredited university or a high-quality accredited program by the Ministry of National Education (Admitted).
According to what is defined in the CTeI Plan and Agreement signed by the Department of Cundinamarca, the training of professionals at the master’s and doctorate levels is limited to the development of the following prioritized areas:
1. Agriculture: Education, Development social and community.
2. Agroindustrial: Health.
3. Mines – Energy: Environment.

a. Promote the experimental development and appropriation of new technologies that contribute to the recovery and / or protection of the hydric bodies of the department with special emphasis on the Bogotá river basin and its tributaries.
b. Implement technological systems aimed at improving productivity in the agricultural and agroindustrial sector of the department, with priority on the development of clean production systems.
c. Promote the experimental development of new technologies that contribute to solving the critical problems of the PAED’s foci.
d. Promote the industrial transformation processes of agricultural products of the department through the development and implementation of technological packages that guarantee the generation of added value.
And. Consolidate a system of Knowledge and Technology Transfer (TCT) at the departmental level that promotes the appropriation and application of technologies developed through the articulation of ecosystem actors aimed at strengthening the productive chains of the department.
F. Establish and put into operation a Regional Innovation Center that allows promoting innovation in terms of competitiveness in various provinces of the department of Cundinamarca.
g. Promote the creation and strengthening of science centers in the department.
h. Promote the transfer of knowledge and technology through the generation of new biotechnology-based businesses in the department.
i. Build the prospective vision of the potentialities and needs of the department in terms of STI from the creation and implementation of provincial interface structures that enhance the capacities of the actors of the innovation ecosystem.
j. Choosing the academic program: the master’s program must be related to the foci of knowledge established in the departmental plan and strategic agreement for science and innovation, and the research must seek to address a problem in the region around said productive sectors.

Study areas

  • Agronomy and veterinary science
  • Social sciences
  • Administration and law
  • Education
  • Health

Levels of study

Master Degree

Who awards the scholarship?

The Science, Technology and Innovation Fund of Colombia and the Ceiba Foundation.

What does the scholarship cover?
1. Monthly support: Up to $ 2,700,000
2. Support for tuition payment: Up to the amount established by the University

a. The financing is granted through a forgivable educational loan from which the beneficiary may be exempted up to 100% of the total debt acquired. The cancellation is the instrument that the Colombian State defined to encourage the formation and insertion of highly qualified human capital in the productive and scientific apparatus of the country within the framework of the National System of Science and Technology SNCTI. In the event that the forgiveness does not proceed on 100% of the educational loan forgivable, the beneficiary must proceed to repay the debt. The cancellation conditions are stipulated in Annex 1 of these terms.
b. Financing is granted exclusively for the aforementioned items. The benefit is personal and neither the Government of Cundinamarca nor the Ceiba Foundation assumes additional costs.
c. The corresponding tuition payments will be paid directly by the Ceiba Foundation to the university.
d. The resources corresponding to the support item will be transferred directly to the beneficiary by the Ceiba Foundation.

Requirements to apply for the scholarship

It will be a requirement to have completed your high school studies

They are all those conditions of mode, time and place, objective or subjective, antecedents or concomitants, predicable of the applicant registered in the Call or of the project submitted to the consideration of the Department, which prevent the continuity of their participation in the selection process, or that, having obtained the benefit in question, it is impossible for them to enjoy it:
a. Have a Master’s degree.
b. Having received funding for a master’s program through calls made by COLFUTURO, COLCIENCIAS or financed with resources from the General Royalties System in previous years.
c. Receive financing simultaneously from COLFUTURO, COLCIENCIAS or through calls financed with resources from the General Royalties System.
d. The research proposal does not respond to the productive sectors prioritized in number 10. PRIORITIZED PRODUCTIVE SECTORS.
The university or program to which you applied does not have high-quality accreditation from the Ministry of National Education.

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